About us

Wonderful holiday is a relatively new company in the market of entertainment, holidays and wedding organizations. It was found in 2011, but for such a small time period we have already managed to find our clients, who are extremely grateful for us for the opportunity to have the happiest and irresistible holiday in their life. Our main mission is to create the most enjoying, amusing and happiest holiday in your life. We understand what is holiday and help our clients to create the best memories. All the details, address and other related information can be found in our website at contact page. Our managers are happy to hear from you 24/7 and are always ready to help you, because your holiday is our holiday and we want to live this happy day with you. Wonderful holiday is very easy to find, just making a simple search in Google.
For the period of our existence in the market, we have successfully organized 50 weddings , 24 presentations and more than 70 birthday parties for children and adults and it means that there about 250 happy persons on our account and it is perfect, don`t you agree? Wonderful holiday creates a scenario for every party, wedding, birthday or any personal even, so you may be sure to have a unique party, where you are the main character!
Persuasive part
Personal holidays are the most important in life of every person, that is why it is necessary to make them as remarkable as possible, especially if it concerns weddings. The dream of every girl is to have the best ceremony and holiday in the world and Wonderful holiday is just a mediator between reality and a fairy tale. We work only with best and highly qualified professionals, who understand what is entertainment and how the holiday or wedding should be organized in order to become an unforgettable day in your life.
For making a birthday parties we invite professional actors and clowns for children, who can make your holiday happy and interesting. As usual, we offer our clients or own scenario, but we are ready to work according to the scenario, presented by you and are always ready to follow all you wishes.
Wedding is a special and solemn day in life of every couple. Wonderful holiday helps you make this day a unique, the most unforgettable and pleasant in life. We pay attention to the smallest details, trying not to miss anything and create an atmosphere of happiness and festivity, joy and friendship, and, of course, love.
Business is not only work, but rest as well. Wonderful holiday knows how to organize business parry, presentation to make them interesting, informative, but not bothering at the same time. We can adjust to any atmosphere and make it jolly, be it a presentation of a new product, or celebration of a successful finishing of the business project. We know how to please any client, even the most demanding one.
The result of our work is positive and grateful feedbacks from our clients, most of them became the constant ones, recommending us to their friends and colleagues. There is nothing more pleasant for us than to see happy faces of children, their bright eyes and smiles. This is the best award for us, as we work to create the best memories!
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