Analytical Essay about Harry Potter Movie

Most of the striking movies that mark the history as being the best movies of the season are acted from the stories based on books. Evidently, Harry Potter and the sorcerer`s stone movie was acted from, which carried similar themes and ideas as the movie. It is imperative to note that the details that are encountered in a book do not much the details of the movie as most of the accounts of the book are lost during acting. These incidences of losing some of the details are influenced by economic and political forces, which compel producers to omit some elements to avoid economic strains, as well as political conflicts. Harry potter and the sorcerer`s stone earns the reputation of being the initial movie to be acted based on Rowling`s novels.
This movie features a boy who was aged eleven years and the boy was, and despite the fact that the boy lived as a slave with his uncle, as well as his aunt, the boy had an outstanding gift of being a wizard. This gift had apparently secured a vacancy for the boy in a wizardry and witchcraft school. As the film unfolds, Harry is wiped out of mundane existence, by Hagrid. Following that incidence, harry was plunged into a strange world, which is not even to the audience. Harry is featured as being a social person who makes friends, without effort, and this gift was evidenced when Harry was born. It is apparent that people who socialize easily manage to learn many things concerning a place or a phenomenon as they get ample information from the people the people they encounter. Harry was such a person who would en gage into self-reflection and realize when things were not as good as they appeared. For instance, this character realized that witchcraft was a dangerous profession, which was risking the life of people, especially due to the dishonest of most of the sorcerers.
The hardness of the current economic situations, the movie displays practical restraints in it is making and production. The most precious resources as money and time are always scarce, and this forces the cinema producers to compromise on a few vital requirements, which make up a terrific movie as computer animations. However, the few shortcomings that were included to save on cost brought negligible negative effect to the movie and the quality of the movie remained steady. Precisely, the production Harry Potter and the sorcerer`s stone movie achieved the highest attainable level of perfection, despite the immense challenges and shortcomings, which are encountered in converting a book into a movie.
In fact, the directors of this film dedicated two and half hours to explore a magical world that was extremely delightful. The magical world demonstrated the willingness of the directors to give the audience a taste of numerous things that can be acted, but represented or communicated in a book. Further, the movie retained the spirit of the book from which it was derived, though the exact words and phrases were followed to the letter. Evidently, there were many addition and omissions of various parts of the book, but the sections that were intact carried the entire themes and storyline of the original book in the movie.
The movie blended significant literally aspects with the circumstances and cases of the real world to bring out delightful features on the screen, which rhyme with the world flavour. Throughout the entire movie, the audience is served with full packs of humour, which are accompanied by the visual effects of the movie. The cast maintained vivid smiles and happy faces, which added to the tone and taste of the movie. Nobody would have resisted laughing at the numerous jokes that were placed at strategic positions in the movie. Imperatively, the jokes would be made when the mood of the film seemed low, and the jokes rejuvenated the whole message of the film thus making it easy to follow on the themes.
Besides humour, Harry Potter and the sorcerer`s stone movie is adequately covered in suspense, which made it utterly difficult to predict or anticipate the events that would follow. Suspense promotes calmness, focus and concentration, by the audience as the audience waits eagerly for the anonymous events to unfold. Further, suspense retains the tastefulness of the movie in the entire plot. Evidently, a movie that gives the audience a chance to predict the following events and scenes is likely to lose more than half the audience before the movie winds up. However, suspense kept Harry Potter and the sorcerer`s stone movie above the belt all the time and the audience responds positively to such productions.
Concerning the voice that the actors were using in the film, the producer was brilliant to keep a uniform voice for a substantial part of the film. However, it is possible for an individual to think that uniform voice in a film is a characteristic of a movie that is flat as far as emotions are concerned. However, the production of Harry Potter and the sorcerer`s stone movie took into account such weaknesses in the film. In various occasions, the actors were given a couple of seconds to convey deep emotions, as well as high emotions. These high emotions were only demonstrated in brief face shots, which were also inclusive of shoulder shots to the actors.
It is an objective observation to point out that the time allocated to actors for high emotions was not adequate for effective demonstration of emotions in the movie. Actors require ample liberty, time and space to carry the audience to deep emotions, as well as ample time to recover from such emotions. In the case of Harry Potter and the sorcerer`s stone movie, the actors struggled, with plenty of things to do in a squeezed span, and, needless to say, this was a pitfall on the side of the production.
It is vital to mention that the movie was effective creating a transition between the possible events, which are supported with scientific evidence to a world of fictions, which are only possible through computer imagery and simulations. Harry makes successful attempts to acknowledge and represent the magical world in an ambitious manner. However, the movie did not manage to capture the entire effect of simulations due to speed limitations of the available technology. However, the magical spells that the movie demonstrated being cast to different people were terrific, and the effectiveness of the spells was breathtaking. It is imperative to note that the central motivation for using fictional magic was the fact that the world cannot perfectly animate people doing inhuman deeds. All in all, the Harry Potter and the sorcerer`s stone movie was a satisfying movie, which would receive a rating of not less than 9 by any objective person.