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Baptism of Holy Spirit
The Bible teaches us many things. It brings peace into our lives by bringing us closer to God. We get closer to God by reading his scriptures, which guide us in the right way to follow. Luke has a great understanding of the Holy Spirit. He is confident spreading the gospel and preaching about it. He preaches about how the holy spirit comes to people. They are not born with it. It comes to them (Tan-Chow 2007) . Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit in different times God`s time is the best time.
Paul on the other hand has a different understanding of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He considers the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as more than just coming to them it gives them life. The Christians are filled with the love of God when they are poured with the Holy Spirit (Tan-Chow 2007).
Luke`s teachings about Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Luke is one of the books that is mostly read by Christians because of the teachings of the Holy Spirit. Luke talks about the Christians being filled with the Holy Spirit after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit came to the disciples after the death of Jesus Christ in order to help them when He was gone. He had promised them that he will send them an assistant when He was gone and He kept His promise by sending the Holy Spirit to them. The disciples gained strength and courage to spread the gospel (Tan-Chow 2007). The Holy Spirit enabled them to interpret the Bible and put it into a simpler language that the Christians could understand.
We are supposed to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit at all times. If the Holy Spirit could guide the disciples, it can also guide us as Christians. We tend to get lost most of the times. We forget that we need God in our lives. God does not leave us, we tend to run away from Him but He sends the Holy Spirit to us in order for it to guide us and bring us back to line the right path, which is obeying the Ten Commandments. No one is perfect, we are all sinners and that is why we seek God`s forgiveness at all times. He is merciful God. He accepts us just as we are sinful. He cleanses us with the Holy Spirit giving us a second chance for us to repent and be close to him. When we repent, we get closer to God. He does not abandon His people just like His disciples He filled them with the Holy Spirit so that they could gain the strength and courage to spread the Gospel (Tan-Chow 2007). They were His students and they ought to continue from where they stopped when He died and resurrected. The Holy Spirit helped them in every stage of the way.
Paul`s understanding of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Paul too spread the gospel about the coming of the Holy Spirit. According to him, the Holy Spirit was more than just a helper to the disciples was it filled all the Christians with love of God. The Christians felt the presence of God even with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit was actually God in another form. The Holy trinity means God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. They are one but divide into three parts. They represent each other. The believers can only feel the Holy Spirit they believers could speak in tongues when filled with the Holy Spirit. This is the language of the Holy Spirit only they knew what they were saying. The Holy Spirit is pure and strong, it inspires the weak to be strong (Tan-Chow 2007). It gives them courage to testify about their faith. Being drenched with the Holy Spirit means that God has filled you with the Holy Spirit and that you are free to follow the disciples` ways spreading the gospel of God.
Paul teaches us to be followers of Jesus Christ. He encourages us to go to church often and listen to the word of God. The word of God guides in everyday life and the decisions the decisions that we make in life. With the Holy Spirit, we will always make the right choices in life decisions that we will not regret later in life. For instance, a girl who goes to church regularly gets pregnant by mistake. The Bible forbids us from getting an abortion that is murder. She will not think about making the mistake of aborting the child because she is filled with the Holy Spirit (Tan-Chow 2007) . It will guide her into making the right decision and protecting her all through the tough journey.
In conclusion, the baptism of the Holy Spirit helps us in the everyday life. A baptized person is very different from an non-baptized person. The Holy Spirit is always helping the baptized Christians in making the right choices in life.
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