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Statistics has been an integral part of many economies in thecontemporary world. It is a study that is involved with the collection,analysis, organization, as well as interpretation and subsequentpresentation of data. Whether as a branch of mathematics or adistinctive body of mathematics, statistics comes in handy in explainingdata pertaining to populations through collecting representatives.However, different

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Law and Modernity Reading Botswana`s women apply two generations of compensatory claims against men who are considered as their husbands, for property rights, maintenance and pregnancy. The forums that address the issues raised by women have a link with power networks and non-legal strategies. However, women powers to apply networks and non-legal strategies face limitations


The World Health OrganizationThe World Health Organization is the division of the United Nations mandated to oversee alleviation of health conditions. This is carried out by implementing measures of disease control by prevention, reduction and treatment. This division was established on April 1948. The activities of this division are centered in the less developed countries

Ethical Theories in Moral Problems

Decision making is arguably one of the most crucial aspects of anyindividual’s life. It involves choosing between two or morealternatives that are conflicting in one way or another. Needless tosay, individuals make decisions every day of their lives and in almosteverything. Of course, there are variations as to the magnitude ofdecisions and their implications. However,

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Institution`s NameGeneral psychology is the branch of science that study and interpret human behavior. On the other hand, Neuropsychology is a specialty branch of psychology that concentrates on the cognitive procedures of the human brain. Whilst the general psychology tests seek to assess the unusual behavior in patients, neuropsychological tests have the exclusive aim to

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The healthcare setting is highly diverse. While diversity may add to the richness of such a setting, it may also be the basis for conflict to erupt. In the presented case, a pregnant Islam woman refused to be examined when she arrived at the hospital feeling pain around her belly. She felt that only her