How Leadership Affect Productivity in the WorkplaceCorporate and organizational performance is dependent on a number ofinternal and external factors. These are factors that influenceperformance or productivity depending on the way they are juxtaposed.Leadership is an important factor underlying productivity of anyestablishment whether in the public or private sector. The ability of aleader to communicate effectively,

Mental Health Law

Issues pertaining to mental health have always drawn a lot ofcontroversy from different quarters. This is especially considering thefact that incidences that trigger thoughts on the efficacy of thecurrent mental health laws mainly involve individuals that would bedeemed as adults more so with regard to their age. However, scholarsnote that mentally handicapped individuals have the

Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana

The use of marijuana, whether as for medicinal or recreationalpurposes, has been extremely controversial in numerous countries. Thismay mainly be as a result of its purportedly immense addictivecapabilities. In the recent times, however, there have been increaseddebates as to the utilization of marijuana in hospitals and healthcarecenters for medical purposes. This is especially considering thatmarijuana

The Jamaica letter by Simon Bolivar

Spain was the main colonial power in South America in 16th-17 century. The colonial masters had occupied part of the Americas and renamed them New Spain. Nationalism movements sprouted across the region in opposition to the colonial rule. One of the leading forces in the movement in the fight for Venezuelan independence was Simon Bolivar.

Migration of People

The aspect of people moving from their native nations to other countries with lucrative living standards has become a common phenomenon, in the modern world. People, especially from third world nations leave their ancestry nations to go to the western nations where they can get jobs that pay well, as well as promote their standards

Power in my life

Power in one`s life is the faith that one has in herself that they can do something they can achieve any goal that they have set. Every person has his or her own potential and it depends with the intelligent quotient of the person or the willingness of the person to achieve the set goal.

Death Penalty at a Closer Look

First Name, Middle Initial, Last NameAbstractThis paper aims to examine the history and background why death penalty was adopted by the United States. Moreover, it also wants to examine the different issues on its implementation including its cost and morality.The United States of America is just one of the countries in the whole world that


The number of undocumented students in the US is too high for the issue to be given a casual treatment. According to the US Census Bureau, there are approximately 2.5 million undocumented persons 18 years and below living in the US (Perez 2010). This number comprises of illegal immigrants, children born of illegal immigrants and