Class Activity Series

Learning style account for the difference in the learning methods used
by student, from researches carried out in the past different student
respond differently to different teaching methods. The difference in
culture and ethnic background characterizes the manner in which student
think (Samovar, Porter & McDaniel, 2009). Every student is unique
regardless of the fact he or she is native speaker of English or not
thus, it is paramount to identify the kind of learning style to be used
to teach different student. In determining the kind learning style to
use on student, the following should be considered learner orientation,
curriculum plan, teacher training and material development.
Changing the current learning styles and advocating for learners
autonomy will help student develop skills of learning and stir up a
passion of learning in the student. Education programs ought to be
designed in manner that develops learners’ effective skills. However,
Lack of autonomy for both teachers and learners results to narrow range
of application of skills. Therefore, a need for a change in strategy
training for learners is necessary for success to be witnessed in
learning. Learners should be given an opportunity to decide on their
learning process.
Being a teacher means that one has to be on the lookout for creative
activities that assist student to review class material, a ten-year-old
kid needs a form of class activity, which is appropriate and convenient
for him or her to use in learning. In an effort to improve education, a
lot of attention is now being focused towards teachers and learners
autonomy. This proposal seeks to propose two class activities: group
work activity and use of learner based form of learning activity. The
goal of these activities is to foster learners’ autonomy and aid
student in developing learning strategies. This information will aid in
improving learning conditions. In this proposal, I will recommend the
use of student group discussions, and involvement of learners in
learning activities. My target audience for this proposal is my
lecturer and I hope that my proposal will be convincing enough for
approval. Furthermore, I believe that the proposed activities will play
a great role in enabling student build up on their learning strategies
and foster their learning autonomy skills.
The problem statement
Most schools are faced with a dilemma of choosing the best class
activities that will focus on certain learning objective and
communicative language. For years, this problem has been persistent
researchers have been trying all means possible to provide a solution
for this problem. With the recent new policies, advocating for a change
in the mode of learning to a more suitable one, which is learners based,
a need arises for new class activities that will facilitate favorable
learning for children. The problem with the current learning style is,
Learners are not encouraged to think on their own, the learning process
is boring, and the teachers are left to spoon feed education to the
children making teaching a very tiring profession.
Children ought to be encouraged to think while learning in order for
them to learn something. The problem in most school is that the
teachers do all the work while the learners are expected to just absorb
what is being taught. This kind of learning adds very little knowledge
to learners unlike when the learners are encouraged to participate in
the learning process (Harper & O`Brien, 2012).
This proposal proposes a solution to this problem, if approved I believe
the project will yield a lot of benefit not only to the learners but
also to the teachers. The project will address the issue of boredom in
class and encourage whole class participation.
Objectives of the proposal
This proposal aims at proposing creative method of learning for student,
meaning that learners will exploit new and better means of learning.
The proposal further aims at fostering learners’ autonomy whereby
learners will be taught to be take the responsibility of the learning.
In addition to this, the proposal objective is to help student initiate
their learning strategies.
Description of the proposed activities
This proposal proposes two kind class activities: group work and learner
autonomy learning activity. Group work activity will play an important
role in helping student to learn, when applied in class setting group
activity will enables even the shy children to play a role in the
discussion process. This activity will be done by use of games such as
tic-tac-toe. A game that work best when student are split into groups,
the groups compete with each other by answering review question on
topics tackled in class. All team members will be required to
participate and ensure that when called upon to answer question they
will not let their teams down. Use of this class activity can be
justified by the fact that the activity will motivate student to take
part in learning process (Frey, Fisher & Everlove, 2009).
Use of learner autonomy learning activity will aid student in accepting
his or her learning responsibility and create cognitive and social
effective implications. This means that the student will have a
positive attitude towards learning. This kind of learning activity is
justified for use in class by the fact student will play a tremendous
role in their learning process (Lamb & Reinders, 2008).
The two class activities can be used in any subject, and will offer
students opportunities to learn and take part in competitive learning
activities. The activities are of great benefit to student in the
sense that they encourages a new form of learning which is different
from tradition teaching method. Other benefit learners will gain from
this activities include student engagement in the learning process,
promotion of teamwork, ability to give a positive response to different
situations of defeat and victory and the activities will give student
opportunity gain skills on problem solving on their own.
Research methodology description
For my research methodology, I will collect data from different schools
about the learning activities used to teach children. I intend to use
descriptive research methods for gathering data from the present
conditions. Primary data will be collected using questionnaires while
secondary data will be sourced from recent literatures. The method of
data collection will be adjusted depending on the situation I hope to
utilize the following methods in collecting data classroom observation,
surveys, Interviews with teachers and administering questionnaires. The
objective is to interview the teachers and a sample of the student from
different schools so I hope to work with the school heads and the
teachers in identifying participant
Feasibility study takes two forms the financial form and the legal form:
the financial form check to see the validity of the proposal in terms of
finance, that is will the teachers demand a hike in their salaries as a
result of change in the teaching method. In addition, will the school
have to incur an extra cost in implementing this class activity? The
legal form is meant to check whether the children will be subjected to
illegal activities, having carefully reviewed this proposal I have
ensured that it follows all the legal procedures.
Explaining the timeframe
The proposed project implementation process will take place in a
duration of two-month. In the first month, the first two weeks will be
used to gather information from students and teachers from selected
schools who have confirmed their participation in the research. The
other half of the month will be used to carry out interview with key
personnel who are identified in project methodology. The first two
weeks of the second month will be used for data analysis and drafting
the research findings. The third week of the second month will be
utilized for presenting the preliminary research findings to the
lecturer. The last week of the second month will be devoted to the
preparation of the final report.
Being a student apart from transport, I do not expect to spend money on
the project. This is because I expect to utilize the resources provided
to me by the institution.
Approval of this proposal will aid in sourcing a solution for poor
learning style. The tradition learning style focused on the instructor
this proposal proposes that the focus now be directed to the student.
Furthermore, the tradition method advocated students to work alone, this
proposal recommend that student should work together as a group or a
team. In tradition method of learning, instructor evaluates student on
the other hand this proposal advocates that student participate in
evaluating himself or herself. Moreover, this proposal proposes that by
use of the two class activity the classrooms will became lively noisy
and busy. Additionally student will be encouraged to be responsible for
his or her learning. (Doyle, 2011).
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