Ethical Issues in Health Care

Dr. Carter is well aware of his patient`s life. He is a high risk OB/GYN with a stellar reputation with both his colleagues and patients. Being a devout Christian, Dr. Carter is obviously not happy with the behaviour of his patient, Linda. Linda has got six kids from different fathers besides having a history with drug abuse. Nevertheless the doctor hasn`t shown concern over this issue for a long time. When Linda comes complaining of excessive bleeding during menstruation, the doctor gives her just one option, hysterectomy.
The decision by Dr. Carter is unethical. This is due to the fact that, as a qualified and experienced high risk OB/GYN, he is well aware of other safer and favourable methods of treating non-cancerous fibroids. He advices Linda on this method after realizing she has a new boyfriend. His religious beliefs and values are against promiscuity. He thinks of this alternative as a way to stop Linda from getting pregnant again from another man. This decision is unethical in the medical field. As a doctor, he should have advised his patient on other options such as treatment through use of oral contraceptives and myomectomy. The patient needs to be involved in his or her treatment and the doctor has the obligation of giving every patient all the available options with their possible implications, for the patient to decide (Pence, 2007).
Dr. Carter should be confronted for this unacceptable action. He has violated the medical code of ethics. The patient in question will also duffer as she can no longer bear a child, since hysterectomy involves the removal of the entire uterus. Linda may also take legal action against Doctor Carter for ruining her body through his unethical practice.
Pence, G. (2007). Re-creating medicine: Ethical issues at the frontiers of medicine. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.