Every occurrence in life presents an opportunity to learn new things.

There are always numerous things to learn as I did in the Human
Sexuality class. Right from the beginning of the semester, I never
missed a single class. As an international student, not only was there
quite a lot to learn but also the class gave me an entirely new
experience. This is especially with regard to the composition of the
human body. The key lesson, in this case, was about human sexuality,
which mainly revolves around the experiences and the expression of an
individual (Carlson & Heth 684). In addition, there were lessons
pertaining to the culture and behavior across all ages, as well as
social aspects pertaining to the same.
I attended most of the classes except in instances where I was sick. On
the whole, the classes were not only helpful but also enjoyable, which
is why I remained largely attentive. In addition, students found the
class appealing thanks to the lessons I taught them especially with
regard to what is acceptable and unacceptable. This explains why none of
the students used their phones of conversed with their neighbors in the
course of the class. My attention was primarily on the lesson as it was
not only a new experience for me. In addition, there was quite a lot to
learn from the lesson, not to mention the fact that I had to translate
some words. Nevertheless, I learnt the distinction between sexual
orientation and sexuality, factors affecting sexuality, biological
factors, genetic, psychological, as well as social factors affecting an
individual. In essence, I explored the various dimensions of sexuality,
procreation, as well as the importance of sexuality to life as a whole.
Human sexuality is an extremely difficult aspect affected by varied
facets in an individual’s life including cognition, learning and
physiology (Carlson & Heth 684).
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