Freud and Jung on the Ns dream

Jung emphasizes a lot on religion. Religion is the belief that people have about their creator. So far, there has been no proof of the existence of the creator. Theories have been written to prove that He actually exists. Different people have their own version of God. For instance, Christians believe that God is in heaven and that he will come at the end of time. Muslims believe in Mohammed who took over after Jesus` resurrection. Some people believe in earthly gods cows, rats, lizards and so forth. Religion is a matter of belief and faith. We all have the right to religion or even religion less. No one can force another to join another religion (Freud 19). However, there are some countries that only allow the Muslim religion only. The other religions are prohibited in the country especially the Asian countries which has majority of its people as Muslims.
Freud: Ns dream is about religion, the person in the dream wants so much for the dream to be true. It is important for people to accept consciousness. In most cases, you dream of something that you are obsessed about, your last thoughts or something you like. The person in the dream is obsessed with religion (Freud 95). He believes in doing the right thing. The old lady encourages him to do wrong things in order for him to be awarded by the church.
Jung: Ns dream is real. Religion is real even though we cannot prove the existence of God. We all have to believe in something something that will keep us going, something that will give us hope to overcome another day and the challenges of life. Archetypes are visions in the dream vision of an old lady. The person in the dream has faith in God and believes in his teachings (Jung 32). By following the Ten Commandments, no wrong is done and no harm is done to our neighbors. That is why the person in the dream takes off immediately when the old lady tries to encourage him to do bad things in order to be rewarded. Doing bad things may seem fun especially to the non-religious people but after wards it sucks it never feels right.
Freud: The shadows of dreams are just there and do not have any meaning in life (Jung 94). They only appear real because we try so much to remember them and also believe in them. They do not mean anything but because we want so much to believe in them, we end up making reason for their occurrence. It is like God. We do not know that God exists we only believe that he exists. Some extra ordinary things occur in life, no man is capable of doing them so we believe that God must have done it (Freud 35). We are told of stories of times of Jesus in the Holy Scriptures the stories make us believe in God. This is something to believe in otherwise we will have no reason to live. The person in the dream is so much into religion. His mood changes very fast. He begins to talk in the quest to wake up. In other ward in the dream he is taking off from where the old lady is. He feels that his moral and religion is insulted. The old woman is just sharing opinions with him. She did not force him to join her religion.
Jung: Religion is real. Faith and belief is what keeps us going. The challenges in life would have killed us if we did not have faith. Even though the existence of God cannot be proven, having faith that he exists will help you through the challenges (Jung 36). When the person woke up, he did not want to go back there in the dream. He is puzzled and he feels exhausted. So much of his energy was used in the dream. It was terrifying and that is why he tries so hard not to go back to sleep because he will continue dreaming. It is only humans nature to not want to go back to a bad place a place full of bad memories. The dream was not that interesting. The place in the dream looks like a place where people were tortured inflicting pain into someone is painful even if it is just the thought of it (Jung 37). His belief in dreams is what makes him to not want to go back to the dream. It may be a bad message that something bad is bound to happen to him or someone close to him.
Religion is a about free will to believe in something. Some have very strong faith but some are partial. For instance, the priests, pastors, nuns and other people in the society who have sacrificed their life in order to serve the church are more devoted in religion than the rest of the people in the society. They say that we have different calls and we are bound to follow them. In other ward, a believer or a non-believer, all that matters is that we all believe in something. It may not be God but whatever we believe in is what makes us go through another day with ease. Freud and Jung may have differed in their religion theories but all in all religion exists we just cannot explain how the concept of God works.
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