Generosity of New Media Science, Technology and Innovation

Generosity of New Media Science, Technology and Innovation
There are controversies surrounding the correlations between science, technology, invention, innovation and what will happen in the future. Science, technology, invention and innovation are said to create transversals that drive social and cultural change. Change in media in turn affects changes in science, technology and innovation. Things are changing currently because there is constant effort to come up with new technologies and innovations and science are on constant evolutions. This in turn affects social and cultural change. Science will make a different in the next decade by leading to newer and better discoveries in media and technology use and this will in turn lead to alterations in cultural and social change.
One scientific issue that will be important in future and which relies on technology is design. Design has been important but its importance will increase further due to increased demand for fresh and accurate designs. There are many major design areas one of them being communication.
I would research on this by looking at the progressing developments over the past years and the projected future. Information about the past would cover the trends in the use of technology, its adoption in the stated areas and thereafter future projections of the same. This means that a report about the said concept would present both qualitative and quantitative developments from the past to the present and into the future.
I would get to understand the science surrounding the issue by exploring the correlations between technology development for the future and other aspects that are linked to the same including those that influence the growth and use of technology. I would also understand its science through establishing the interconnectedness of future technological advancements to development in the other named areas including media, new media and cultural and social change. A clear outline of the previous trends in all these areas will form the basis for analyzing accuracy because part of science is based on predictions. I came to understand that the correlations between the named aspects are not unidirectional or cyclical only because they all have complex interconnections with one another. Changes in one aspect lead to changes in others.
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