Haunted Slumber Party

Haunted Slumber Party
On one summer night, Joan held a slumber party to mark her fifteenth
birthday. According to the traditions of Joan’s culture, a child is
given a chance to hold a slumber party on the eve of their fifteenth
birthday. During the slumber party, the kids are left to enjoy
themselves and tell scaring stories (Cheryl, 1999). However, there
should be an adult to supervise the activities of the youths to ensure
that they remained within the acceptable behaviour. The party begun
immediately the friends to this girl arrived, and they had real fun.
There was plenty of dancing and talking and playing of cards. After
several hours, the party came to an end. The guests were ready to leave
when Joan suggested that they could extend for the entire night (Cheryl,
1999). The plan of remaining up the entire night was reinforced by the
proposal that the youths would tell ghost stories. Further, they would
sneak in the nearby graveyard and take a nocturnal walk there. After,
telling the ghost stories for about two hours, the youths experienced a
seance. The youths played many games, and they were practically calling
the popular people who died long ago. Eventually, they attempted calling
Bloody Mary, who was a famous mirror ghost (Cheryl, 1999). None of the
ghost spirits that the youths called answered their call and boredom
started creeping in their minds. One the guests who were invited
suggested that they take a walk to the graveyard but the idea was
extremely frightening to the kids. Therefore, they remained in the
Soon afterwards, the kids agreed to play a game, which they would
imitate the actions of “Bloody Mary” through the mirror of the
bathroom. Imperatively, the mirror was the only way that the kids would
have exploited to contact the character (Cheryl, 1999). Though playing
the game was scary enough, and it was raising the adrenaline of the
kids, nothing happened during the first couple of the youths playing the
game. The party almost got boring when one of the youths, Lois, decoded
to try her turn. She got into the bathroom, turned the lights off and
for a period of about two minutes remained in the darkness, without
making a sound. At first, it seemed as fun as the kids thought the Lois
wanted to scare them (Cheryl, 1999).
However, when the third minute passed the kids started calling for Lois,
but they got no answer. Thinking that Lois was playing a game on them
with the hope to scaring them, one of her friends went over to the door
and opened the door. To their dismay, Lois was lying on the bathroom
floor motionless (Cheryl, 1999). The youths were scared dead as they
tried to help Lois to her feet. Her body was stiff, and she could not
stand. The other youths carried Lois to the bed and tried desperately to
call her and blow air in her mouth. At some point, massive bleeding
cracks started appearing in her skin and the other kids became
terrified as they thought that Lois would die (Cheryl, 1999). The kids
tried to cover the breading cracks on the skin of Lois with bandages but
per every crack that they covered more and more appeared. One of the
kids rushed to the book shelf and came with a bible, which she placed on
(Cheryl, 1999).
The kids thought that Lois was being haunted by the spirits of the
underworld, which were being sent by “Bloody Mary”. All the youths
thought “Bloody Mary was haunting their friend for imitating her in
their games. Everybody became apologetic and started playing to God to
intervene and save from their friend Lois who was in great pain (Cheryl,
1999). Lois continued to writhe in pain and at some point she mumbled
something as she was dying. The tension in the room grew and grew by
every minute that passed, and the kids decided to pour some wine on the
floor as a sign of remorse for disturbing the peace of “Bloody Mary”
Surprisingly, once the wine was poured as a sign of remorse and respect,
Bloody Mary seemed to have accepted the offer and Lois started to
recover from her massive, bleeding scars.
For a period of five minutes, Lois had fully recovered, and all the
youths sat around her as she narrated strange stories of the things
that she saw while she was unconscious (Cheryl, 1999). The entire
things that Lois mentioned were totally strange to the kids thus they
could not understand the images that Lois described. Soon after
recovery, Joan called off the party and all the kids headed to their
respective homes (Cheryl, 1999). Though the haunted slumber party did
not last for the entire night as the kids had anticipated, they were
scared enough and when the party came to an end, everybody was relieved.
Cheryl. (1999). Castle of Spirits Ghost Story: The Slumber party.
Georgia: USA.