Hotel Rwanda

Ethic distinction has no bearing on how the family members feel toward
one another. Think of two places where you saw this in the movie.
The sense of family and love to it is presented in the movie, especially
we can see it in the moment, when Paul got to know about the soldiers in
the street (when his wife’s brother came to visit him) he first start
thinking about his family and about a potential danger, awaiting for
them. The second moment is when Paul was trying to negotiate with the
soldiers to save the family of refugees. From this we can see that
Paul’s first value in life is family, whatever family it is, this is
the most precious thing in life.
The Kite Runner
In the case of The Kite Runner, ethnic and family divides include social
distinction also: Ali’s subservience to Baba is rooted in two sources
describe each of the circumstances below and provide one example of
Baba and Amir are family Ali and Hassan are not
Baba and Amir are Pushtun Ali and Hassan are Hazara
The theme of family and ethnicity in the story is presented through the
images of Baba and Amir, who are family. The story tells about their
relationships and how ethnicity influence relationships among people.
Baba and Amir are Pushtun, while Ali and Hasan are Hazara, these are
people of different faith and ethnicity.
Chapter 11: The Flea market in California
The flea market for two Afghanistan men was the way to be closer to each
other and remind each other about their homeland. Their flea market
activity helped them not to fail in conditions of the country, which was
alien to them. Most of these man continued to look at Afghanistan as
home, because despite of long time, spent in America, this country did
not become their native land and they were forced to get accustomed to
the traditions and way of American life.
Describe Baba –Amir-Hassan relationships.
Baba seems to dislike Amir, as he is weak and likes poetry instead of
cruel sports and etc. In fact, sometimes it seems like Baba has more
affection for his servant boy, Hassan.
Ali-Hassan –Baba relationships
Speaking about Ali-Hassan –Baba relationships, Ali is very
sympathetic and understands Hassan, unlike Babba, who never does. Social
status prevents Babba from treating Hassan as a son where as status
allows Ali, who is not related to Hassan, to treat him like a son.