Instructor`s name Heroic Journey Essay

Yes. I believe every person can become a hero in his or her life. To be a hero, one does not have to be special in any way. It is the way a person looks at things and the way they handle the challenges that obstruct them from achieving their goals that matter. Hence there is no person that cannot become a hero it`s all about determination in pursuant of one`s goals.
In my life, I have faced numerous challenges from physical illness, stress, family opposition, friends` criticism among others.
I once fell ill during my final year exams. It was a challenging moment because if I missed the exams I would not have proceeded to college. I struggled and made sure that I did all the exams. Besides, I passed with good points. Today am doing the course of my choice.
Throughout my life, I have had the support of my parents. No matter how difficult the situation, no matter how discouraging or complex a problem has been, my parents have never abandoned me. They have always been in the front line to support me in whatever I do. They have offered their advice in difficult times or during crisis. I have also received encouragement from relatives and friends. I remember my friends organizing an appreciation party. I felt that I was not alone.
At some point, I felt like giving up. The pain was too intense to bear. With all the symptoms of tonsillitis including severe headache, sore throat, difficulty in swallowing and the drowsiness from medication, I did not have the energy to go on. I felt that enough was enough I could go home and rest. Nevertheless, there was a strong urge that I felt within myself that kept reminding me that I was strong. I knew that I was going to be fine after a few days. There was no need to waste a whole year repeating class due to a normal illness. I learnt that sometimes a person needs to make a tough decision. One must be ready to bear pain, suffering and even criticism if they need to chase their dreams.
Through endurance, I was able to complete my final exam. Currently I am pursuing the course of my dream. I believe that if I did not fight at the time I was facing difficulties my life would not be the same. I learnt that, to achieve our goals, we need to be focused, determined and strong. We need to face challenges and not avoid them. In the journey of life, challenges are inevitable, and our success depends upon how we deal with these challenges.
Dalai Lama is my hero. He is my role model. Dalai Lama is a man with passion in what he does. He advocates for peace regardless. In the times when Buddhists` were carrying out ethnic cleansing of minority Muslims in Myanmar, he stood firm and condemned the violence. The Tibetan leader has never shy from the truth he is honest and rational, even if it means losing his freedom. Being focused in life is an important trait Dalai Lama has remained focused and has stood firm against issues of oppression, violence and other atrocities against humanity. I admire his charisma as a leader.