International Politics and Relations Memos

To: Richard Fenning (Chief Executive, Control Risk Group)
The group’s interest in the international politics
Control Risk Group is an international organization whose main
objectives is to help other organizations in managing political,
security, and integrity risks in areas that are perceived to be complex
and hostile. The headquarters of the Control Risk Group is located in
London, United Kingdom. The corporation is headed by Crawford Gillies as
Chairman and Richard Fanning as the Chief Executive Officer. The main
functions of the Control Risk Group include the offering of consultation
services to clients about the risk they face and the best ways of
reducing their exposure to political, integrity, and security risk. The
group services are of international significance because it operates in
over 34 offices located in different countries.
The interest of the Control Risk Group includes identification of the
potential implication of the political systems on organizational
management. This is achieved by conducting anti-corruption audits
political risk analysis, and design of approaches to crisis management.
The group recruits regional political risk analysts, experienced
security investigators, and corporate investigators from different
countries to help in analyzing political situations in different
countries. The missions and objectives of the group are derived from the
idea that the past political events define the present. This implies
that the political system and events in different countries have a
significant impact on the international relationships.
I am particularly interested in the Control Risk Group because I believe
the political system and events are the key determinants of the risks
that organizations face for operation internationally. In addition, the
political systems have a crucial role in the prevention of terrorism,
which currently an issue of international concern. The risks and loss of
integrity in the political system are the main hindrances of
globalization. The researcher is one of the attractive job openings in
the group. Some of the responsibilities of the researcher include global
risk analysis and research on political and security risk.
The Arab spring has become a controversial issue and a key concern to
the international community. The impact of the spring in Syria has
raised issues of international ethics and respect of human rights among
the citizens. The political and religious analysis indicates that the
situation has jeopardized the economic, security, and the political
integrity, not only in Syria, but also in the neighboring countries
including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Qatar. Opponents of the
current president claim to fight for a political revolution and
democratic leadership, although there are concerns about the part played
by the foreign intelligence in mobilizing the citizens. Several
countries including the United States and Israel have been blamed of
supporting arming the opposition, an issue that jeopardizes the
sovereignty of Syria. The international community has contributed
towards the violation of human rights by increasing the capacity of the
anti-government groups to reiterate the military operations.
There are two main issues that convinced me that the article “The
Syria Crisis: A view from Azerbaijan” was relevant to the Control Risk
Group Chief executive. First, effects of the Arab springs in Syria
affect many countries in the region, thus making the springs of the
international concern. This would be a crucial piece of information,
given that Control Risk Group analysis the political security, and
integrity in different at the international level. Secondly, the crisis
has affected the world economy and the growth of many businesses
including those that are located a distance from the region. This may
result from the fact that Syria and the neighboring countries are the
main producers of fossil fuels in the world. Third, crisis in Syria has
affected the security conditions in the region, and this may spread to
other countries following the increase of the weapons in the hands of
civilians. In overall, the Syrian crisis affects the majority if not the
whole of the world’s population. The issues of political instability,
insecurity, and loss of integrity are the key factor of interest to the
group CEO.
Relevance to the concepts learned in class
The Syrian crisis can be analyzed based on the principles of
international ethics and human rights. The issue of international ethics
arises from the fact that some countries including the United States and
Israel have failed to observe the normative role while addressing an
issue outside their territorial borders. The two countries have resolved
to issue weapons to civilian in Syria purporting that they are shielding
them from military attacks. This is unethical, and such a decision
should be the international organizations such the UN Security Council.
The issue of weapons to the Syrians raises another controversial issue
of human rights. The United States claims to help the citizens to
protect their rights in one, which are violated by the military forces
that are loyal to the government. However, report says that the small
arms are used to kill and forcibly transfer the Syrians who are
supporting the current government. This violates human rights and the
international law at different levels. The international community
should not create a scenario, which creates a distinction between one
ways or two ways transfer because human rights are individual and should
be considered as being independent of the experiences of either of the
groups (those who support and those who oppose the government).
To: Richard Fenning (Chief Executive, Control Risk Group)
Significance of Poe’s politics to the international affairs
Ted Poe is a republican politician who is currently representing the 2
nd District in Texas in the House of Representatives. Poe was first
elected in 2004 following his strict political agenda of promoting
constitutional and individual liberty. The lawyer by profession and has
served different institutions (including the United States Nervy,
Attorneys Office, different high schools, and colleges) at various
capacities. Poe’s creativity in enforcing the law on criminals while
serving as a judge attracted the international communities. One of his
accomplishments includes the ordering the sex offenders to put warning
signs in their homes after the sentence.
Texas second district is located in the southeastern of Texas states.
The 2000 census indicated that the district has a population of 651,619
people. The current configuration of the second district of Texas
resulted from the redistricting exercise where most of the republicans
were left in the district, and the majority of the democrats remained in
the old district. The redistricting favored the election of Poe who is a
republican. The industrial development of the entire Texas district
began in the early 1900 following the exploitation of oil. Other
chemical companies, retail chains, high technology industries, airline
companies have located their headquarters in the district.
Currently, Poe is serving in the House Foreign Affairs Committee in a
position of the chairman on the subcommittee on Terrorism,
Nonproliferation, and Trade. While serving as chairman in charge of
terrorism, nonproliferation, and trade, Poe has made significant efforts
in ensuring the interstate borders are well protected. The subcommittee
is responsible for coordinating international programs aimed at
combating terrorism and bringing the international terrorist to justice.
Other duties of the subcommittee include conducting oversight on matters
pertaining the international investment, international financial and
monetary institutions.
Recently, Ted Poe has shown his interest in regulating the domination of
the Latin America by a Lebanese-based group known as Hezbollah. His main
concern is the strong ties that the militant group has with other
terrorist organizations and supporters of terrorism in Iran. The
domination of the group in some regions of American continues to pose
terrorist threats to the Western countries. The objective of raising
this issue was to provoke the United States so that sufficient measures
can be taken to control the spread of a terrorist organization groups in
the Latin American countries including Venezuela.
This issue is pertinent to the CEO of the Control Risk Group because it
concerns the security threat at an international level. Currently,
terrorist threats are of utmost concern to the multinational
organizations. One of the objectives of the Control Risk Group is to
analyze the security threats that affect organizations for being
multinational. The Hezbollah organization targets the Western countries
and Israel. Most of The multinational companies have their origin in the
United States and Europe including the multinational organizations and
their embassies. An assessment of the security threats is posed to these
corporations by the Hezbollah in the Latin America will help them avoid
or take caution while investing in insecure regions.
Relation to class
The issue of terrorist threats in the Western countries and Israel can
be discussed under the provisions of sovereignty and international law.
It is evident that Hezbollah, which is the main terrorist group
threatening the security of the Western countries and Israel. To this
end, these threatened countries have the mandate of carrying out the
roles sovereign states in protecting their countries by destroying the
terrorist organizations. However, the international laws on terrorism
threats should be upheld in order to avoid interfering with the
sovereignty of other countries (including Iran) perceived to host the
terrorist groups. The most applicable legal approach is the United
Nations Treaty Collection, which is a convention on terrorism. This
implies that the groups can be destroyed following the mutual concession
of the affected countries.
To: Richard Fenning (Chief Executive, Control Risk Group)
Relevance of the Central Intelligence Agency to international
The Central Intelligence Agency is one the intelligence units that
report directly to the government of the United States through the
Director of National Intelligence. The CIA headquarters is located in
Langley, Virginia, and it is currently headed by John Brennan. The main
functions of this civilian unit are to conduct the national intelligence
assessment and provide the findings to the top policy makers in the
government. The purpose CIA formation is contained in its mission
statement and includes the collection of information on security
threats, production of timely analysis of the information collected, and
conducting covert actions when ordered by the president of the United
The Central Intelligence Agency plays a key role in the international
affairs by providing the policy makers with the necessary information
and news. The CIA contribution towards the development of the
international policy carried out under the core purpose of its
formation. The information regarding the international countries is
gathered through an international organization such as the European
commission and the European defense organization. CIA mainly targets at
collecting the information that may be sensitive to the security of the
United States. The unit then analyses the information and advises the
policy makers accordingly. In addition, CIA advises the government on
the TOP-SECRET information obtained from the countries that have agreed
to share information with the government of the United States.
The budget for intelligence units in the United States is provided as a
classified budgetary item. This implies that the budget figure revealed
in the budget accounts for the financial provision of all the 16
intelligence units under the United States Intelligence Community. For
an instant, the total intelligence budget in 2013 amount to 71.8.
However, in 2012, the president of the United States revealed the CIA
budget, which was $ 55 billion.
Recently, it has become evident that the Central Intelligence has been
aiding the anti-government groups in Syria. The US officials identified
that the CIA have been supplying the rebel groups with intelligence
information to strengthen them on the war against the incumbent
president Bashar Assad. In addition, CIA has trained the opposition
groups in the use of small weapons, conducting combat operations, and
gathering intelligence information. However, the ironic part of it is
the statement made by Barrack Obama asserting that arming the civilian
would exacerbate the insecurity situation in the region.
This issue is important to the Control Risk Group CEO because it
concerns the political instability, insecurity, and loss of integrity
among the state organs in Syria. The Control Risk Groups majors in
research on the security, integrity, and polity systems in different
countries and how they may affect international organizations. To this
end, the group should have an interest in analyzing the effect of
increase in the weapons, security intelligence, and combat techniques
among the civilian groups on the security and political stability in
Syria and other Arab countries. The information collected and analyzed
will help the multinational organizations with branches or planning to
establish branches in the region in restricting their strategic plans.
Relation to class
This issue relates to sovereignty and international law. Sovereignty
refers to the quality of having control of independence and control over
a given geographical area. This implies that the government of Syria
has authority over the Syrian territory. The interventions made by CIA
in Syria suggest a violation of the UN Treaty Organization Chapter IV on
the Declaration of Rights and Duties of States. This chapter states that
all states are judicially equal and have the same rights and duties
before the international law. This implies that the CIA should not
decide on its own whether the Syrian government should be over through
by the opposition groups because Syria is a sovereign, as opposed to a
failed state.
To: Richard Fenning (Chief Executive, Control Risk Group)
Contribution of the to the border
and international security is a retail business that supplies modern
security control gargets to individuals and security organizations in
different parts of the world. The head office of is located in Waynesville North
California. The company is operating in the technology industry. sells most of the products and ships them
to clients from the electronics warehouses in California and New Jersey.
Being in a competitive industry of technology, the company collaborates
with high class manufacturers (including Geovision, DH Vision, Vivotex,
Arecont Vision, and Bosch among others) to remain competitive in the
market. deals with a wide range of modern security
products that include the digital video recorder, bullet camera,
infrared camera, and accessories for the CCTV set-up. CCTV is the main
security product that is applicable to business premises and homes.
However, the technicality involved in the installation of the CCTV
cameras, offers after sale services for
installation and supply of accessories (including the CCTV cables, video
baluns, and C-mount lenses) to clients.
has introduced an improved security product named PTZ camera, which the
capacity to capture and relay instant moments. The product has been
produced following the close collaboration with Sonny Incorporation.
The market segment for includes individual
premises owners, business enterprises, and security groups. In addition, has established a loyal clientele with
significant security and justice organs (including the Department of
Defense, American Navy, US Army, and the United States Environmental
Protection Agency) following the quality guarantee. The close
collaboration of the company with security dockets has resulted from the
increase in terrorism security threats. The high tech gadgets offered by
the company helps the security organs in ensuring real time surveillance
along the borders, ports of entry, and infrastructures of imminent
Border security is an issue of international concern because regulation
of illegal immigration is the key determinant of the capacity of a given
country to reduce infiltration of illegal weapons from pother countries.
Recently the Department of Homeland Security tried to define a secure
border with regard to illegal immigration and internal security. This
issue was raised as a result of the increase in the rate of illegitimate
movement of persons across the Mexican-US border. The department defined
the secure border as a quality of enjoying the benefits of a
well-managed and protected border region that facilitates the flow of
litigate trade and persons. However, the Department of Homeland Security
acknowledges that regulation of illegal movement of persons is a
difficult exercise that needs to be enhanced by the use of modern
The issue of border protection is critical to the COE of the Control
Risk Group because illegal immigration subjects the international
community to security threats posed by the terrorist groups. In
addition, uncontrolled movement of people and goods across the border
diminishes the integrity, and political stability of the affected
countries. The Control Risk Group should research and analyze the
security threats that may result from illegal immigration and how modern
technology (including the CCTV cameras and PTZ camera) can assist in
complement the efforts of security personnel in ensuring the border
Relation to the class
Border security is an issue that concerns the international community.
In this case, the topic of diplomacy and coercion is relevant because
the affected countries can make the agreement on the measures that each
of them will take to ensure its citizens do not cross the border through
illegitimate means. The coercive diplomacy may be appropriate because
the Mexican leadership has not interest in prohibiting its citizens from
crossing the border. This is because the most of the Mexicans migrate
into the United States to escape the unemployment challenges in Mexico.
The United States can set conditions (such trade sanctions) for Mexican
leadership, which will ensure that the government of Mexico takes part
in reducing the illegal immigration of its citizens.
To: Richard Fenning (Chief Executive, Control Risk Group)
Efforts of Amnesty International in ensuring the respect of
human rights
Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization with global
coverage, but the general secretariat sits is in London. Currently, the
Amnesty International has about 3 million voluntary members from
different parts of the world. Amnesty International oversees the fair
administration of justice to all members of the society. Amnesty
International accomplishes this objective by pursuance of five main
goals including freeing of prisoners of conscience, advocating fair
trials and prompts justice, eradicate of degrading punishment in the
criminal judicial system, pushing for reforms in the extra judicial
execution and disappearance, and ensuring the perpetrators of human
rights violation are duly prosecuted.
Amnesty International uses several approaches towards the achievement of
the above goals. The organization conducts research on violation of
human rights in different countries. The research provides the guide and
the basis of generating action and demanding administration of justice
to individuals whose rights have been violated. Amnesty International
pushes for the observation of human rights as defined in the
international laws and standards. This subjects the efforts of the
organization to objection from political systems in different parts of
the world as a result of the varying definition of human rights. To this
end, amnesty international mobilizes the members of public to pressure
the government to observe human rights based on international law and
Amnesty International has a global presence with offices in different
countries located in all the continents. The key priority of Amnesty
International is to ensure that the Human Rights Council considers
effectual actions that promotes and protects human rights. This is done
by lobbying for independence of the Council to make it an authoritative
body. This priority has enabled Amnesty International to pursue the
country related issues at different sessions of the Council.
Recently, the Amnesty International has raised its concern about the
violation of human rights by both government and opposition in Syria.
Amnesty International accused the government of indiscriminate bombing
of residential areas. On the other hand, Amnesty International accused
the opposition of killing the capture government officials. The increase
in the number of small arms in the hands of civilians and the
discriminate bombing of the military have escalated the insecurity and
terrorism threats in the region. According to the Amnesty International,
some countries such as Netherlands have already raised their alerts
following the increase in the number of Dutch citizens who are being
hardened in Syria to participate in the Jihad.
This issue is relevant to the Control Risk Group COE because the group
has a role of researching, analyzing, and reporting on the security,
integrity, and political instability in Syria and the neighboring
countries. This implies that the Control Risk Group should come up with
an authentic report regarding the security and political issues that may
affect the multinational organization that operate in the region. The
issue is also relevant to the international community because the
increase the terrorist threats as a result of the mayhems in Syria will
eventually spread to other parts of the world.
Relation to class
The discriminate attacks of residential areas by the government of Syria
and reiterate killings made by the opposition can be discussed in the
context of international ethics and human rights. The international
ethics apply because the different countries including the United States
support the opposition by arming it, an act that escalated the
insecurity condition in Syria and the in region. It is unethical for
different countries to arm opposition groups in another country. On the
other hand, the human rights issue arises following the mass killings
that are carried out by both the government security agencies and the
armed opposition groups. Other acts that indicate the violation of
human rights includes rape and forced transfer of people.
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