“Know What I Mean”

The Book by Erick Dyson titled “Know What I Mean”, is a significant
book that explains the kind of leadership experienced in the United
State. The author used the book as a significant approach towards
eradicating the act of racism and other forms of slavery in the US,
especially against the minority groups. However, the four topics that
form part of the essay include How real is this? The dark diction has
become America’s addiction, It’s trendy to be a conscious Mc”, and
Cover your eyes as I describe a scene so violent.
“How Real is This?”
Dyson was incredibly amused to an extent that he did not have words to
express, the belief that a black man would lead the white community in
addition, the whites were divided into two groups creating a better
chance for the blacks to lead the whites (Dyson 33). The reality was
realized when the black finally ascended to the white house despite the
name of the premise not changing to the “black house” since the
occupant was black. The prejudice of the whites was looked down upon to
an extent that the author could not imagine of, under all situations
(Dyson 08).
However, to make the matter worse, the same black leader retained the
office after another general election. This was magnificent and
encouraging to see that the underrated black diction managed to
recapture the white house that could not be handled by some of the white
leaders for two terms irrespective of their racial background (Dyson
24). The perception was encouraging since the blacks often try to do
away with racial discrimination since everybody is capable of holding
public office and other portfolios within the world. According to the
current state of affairs, the discriminators (whites) are not able to
understand how the underrated black person managed to rule their
territory for two terms (Dyson 07).
Nevertheless, to the blacks it is a show of equality and ability to work
/ rule regardless of color. This is a great achievement that would
remain in the American History as the dream of Martin Luther King
junior’s dream of having a black president was realized in the United
States of America. The controversy in the US is described in the book,
but the reality is that the black leaders were realized with commendable
track records that enhance the appointment to the top seat for a second
term (Dyson 30).
“The Dark Diction Has Become America’s Addiction”
Professor Dyson, a famous Hip Hop artist, emphasized on the book titled
“Know what I mean” in order to sensitize the audience and fans
about the values depicted by the dark personalities who were
undermined in the US. Despite having dark skin, he reiterates that the
dark skin is not a hindrance to development but just the color like
the white skin. The cultural aspects of the black population which was
often looked down upon in the history of the United States
definitely became the American’s choice (Dyson 17).
The author tried to state that he is able to preach about postmodernism,
he is perplexed on the decision that the Americans made to have the
black/ dark skinned personality as the people’s choice in the
leadership. This to some extent looks like a dream, and most of the
whites perceived that it was not possible to accomplish the
assigned obligations, but considering the state of affairs ijn the
US, it seems that the whites who perceived that the dark skinned
parsons are not in a position to rule the white majority (Dyson 11).
The perception about the professor’s book connects to the current day
controversy in the US between the Democrats (Dyson 26). The controversy
in the US is still portrayed through the skin color, racism is yet to
be a foregone case since the white do not admit that the blacks are
also able to achieve or lead the US to a better tomorrow. The Hip
Hop artist in the US are the blacks, hence Dyson in his book brought
about a clear view of the true picture of the blacks so that everybody
would be equally respected irrespective of the color (Dyson 16).
“It’s Trendy to Be a Conscious Mc”
The professor, an artist reiterated that “it is trendy to me a
conscious MC”, from the topic it is adept to acknowledge that Dyson
was aware of the kind of oppression and slavery that the blacks
underwent during the colonial period. However, being an artist, he was
determined to enhance mutual understanding between the different racial
groups (Dyson 29). The kind of information and speeches that a conscious
Mc’ proclaims are mindful of the audience and the populace within the
area covered by the information. For instance, the book is supposed to
be sold to any willing buyer within the global context, this implies
that the content of the boo has to be blended in a manner that is
palatable to the divers e group of audience in order to gain fame and
as well better the author’s reputation across the world (Dyson 74).
The topic that indicates how trendy it is to be an Mc, is important
when considering the current state of affairs in the USD since it
indicates how modest the blacks are, the race that does not discriminate
other s irrespective of gender, race and cultural believes (Dyson 41).
Had the author not been a trendy Mc, the reputation of the blacks would
have been jeopardized through the publications hence loosing trend and
fame in the writing career. The topic is currently relevant since the
blacks are in control of the super power state, but due to the
ability to understand the situation, they are trendy in handling the
famous white racists in a manner that would enhance good rapport
within the states under the governance of the dark diction (Dyson 32).
“Cover Your Eyes as I Describe a Scene So Violent”
The topic that captures a scene so violent was a symbol of the
situations that the blacks underwent during the oppressive period that
was full of slavery (Dyson 37). The whites did anything possible to
intimidate the blacks. Just from the schooling and transport systems
among other sectors of the US economy. The blacks had to endure
incomparable situations that men and women had to encounter. The book is
a reminiscent of the torture and slavery, corporal punishment which was
not comparable to the kind of situations that the whites encountered
after committing offenses (Dyson 105).
As an orator, a preacher, peacemaker, public speaker, Dyson, imagined of
how the situation would be if the blacks had to retaliate on the
offenses committed by the whites. Hence he restates that in order to
avoid incitement, it was adept to remind the audience that the situation
was inhumane and should not be brought forward to the audience. The
author recommended the blacks for the rapport and understanding of the
situation through closing the eyes to avoid direct contact with violent
situations that would compromise the peace experienced within the US
(Dyson 218).
Dyson ensured that the audience was aware of the inhumane situation that
the oppressed went through, but had to plsy it cool to avoid retaliation
on the oppressors. The author tries to compare the situation which was
there before the blacks took over power and the current situation, it
is a positive approach that would enhance good understanding of the
way that the communities should handle each other before, during and
after elections so that the US would remain united with equal
opportunities for both races (Dyson 210).
Since the Mc is trendy, he is able to handle the information that would
bring about animosity with the due concern that it deserves. Finally, it
is prudent to reiterate that Dyson, a black acted with pivotal concern
in ensuring the whites are reminded of the tough situation that they
exposed the blacks and other colored communities to, during the past.
However, the book also indicates how the blacks are considerate despite
the inhumane conditions that the whites imposed on them (Dyson 204).
Dyson’s book is a true philosophy and should be taken with a lot of
concern since it expresses the controversial issues that took place in
the US. However, the reality was that the black race were undergmined to
an extent that they would only be used as slaves to work for the whites.
The differences that erupted include that inability to board a commuter
bus with a black. This was a clear distinction that a black person is
not supposed to lead a white. The Hip Hop indicated that the blacks
endured unbearable issues, but the only way that the whites would be
ashamed is through utilizing the indicators of what happened but not
creating retaliatory conditions to the whites.
However, the blacks have showcased the leadership ability in them. They
handled every race in equal perspective despite the controversies that
marred the campaign during the time that the black leader was to be
elected. The Obama victory was a boost to the blacks, this enhanced the
understanding between the blacks and the whites since not all the whites
were against the Obama leadership., Hence Dyson’s book is a clear
reconciliatory pact that was meant for the benefit of all the Americans
despite the myriad cases of controversy by the Republicans in the US,
under the leadership of the democrats headed by President Barrack
Hussein Obama.
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