Nursing Research and Practice

Nursing can be described as one of the noble profession as it involves
taking care of their fellow human beings. It is due to this that many
theories and concepts have been brought forward, to explain the concepts
of nursing and practice. The history of nursing dates back to 1859, when
Florence Nightingale laid the basic foundation of nursing (Cole 555). It
is from what she experienced as a hospital administrator that time such
as dirty wards, overcrowding among other conditions that she decided to
change those conditions. One can, therefore, say that it is because of
the endeavor of Nightingale, at that time that nursing metaparadgim
principles were established.
According to the metaparadgim of nursing, nursing concepts can be mainly
categorized into four main concepts which include the client,
environment, health and nursing. The metaparadgim has been used to
demonstrate the uniqueness of the profession. It is science in that it
is a special type of knowledge that helps an individual to take care of
the sick people. It is an art in that sometimes one does not need to
have the special knowledge, in order to gain knowledge on tips of care
delivery to individuals who need care.
On the concept of client, it is important for every nurse to ensure that
the patient receives the required care. Human being is made up of
various components, which all require special attention. As Nightingale
clearly notes in her book, it is significant for nurses to poses all
the necessary details, concerning a patient all the time so that they
can be able to give the best care. In addition, according to nursing
practice, patients are given the first priority, and their needs must be
addressed before anything else. It is also significant to consider that,
as a nurse it is always important to establish a close relationship so
that patients can able to have confidence in nurses (Cole 556). Nurses
are the first people that any patient seeking health care services
encounter. This means that if a patient has a wrong impression about the
services, because of how the nurse handles them, then such a patient
would not be able to open up their heart. This will hinder how such a
patient explains themselves about their health problems.
The other important concept of nursing that must always be put into
consideration is health. According to Nightingale, health can be
described to being well, that means absence of sickness. Health in
nursing can also be considered to be, presence of good conditions, which
ensure that diseases cannot thrive (Snellman and Gedda 714). These
according to Nightingale, reduce the negative consequences that disease
can bring. From this, it is clear that ensuring good health is also an
important aspect of nursing as a profession, and nurses should aim to
ensure good health so as to prevent occurrences of diseases.
Environment is the other important concept in nursing practice.
According to nightingale, individual’s environment is one of the most
important aspects of ensuring the absence of disease. Environment is a
prerequisite of good health. Researchers have said that good health
sometimes can be maintained by ensuring minimum interruption of the
natural environment (Cole 555). It is also necessary to ensure that the
environment around the patient is clean, quiet and has fresh air. Good
environment also reduces the chances of harmful organisms reproducing.
Clean environment is, therefore, not only important for the well being
of the sick, but it also ensure that, as a nurse, one is at low risk of
contracting the disease.
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