Policy Change Proposal 1

Bethzaida Linga
MN 507: Health Policy, Financing and Organization of Health Care
Delivery Systems
Prof: Kay Leary
19 March, 2013
PL 111-148 Section 5316 Policy Change Proposal
The problem is that section 5316 of PL 111-148 does not have a mentoring
program for Nurse Practitioners. The public policy question is should
the federal government mandate the provision of Nurse Practitioners
mentoring demonstration program. The resolution to the public policy
program is an amendment section 5316 of PL 111-148 to say: Federal
government would include mentoring demonstration program for Nurse
Legal Issues
The legal that would affect passage of the proposed amendment is that 26
states of America have filed suit against the federal government to
repeal PL 111- 148 claiming that the law is unconstitutional. The
Supreme Court upheld the healthcare law on June 28, 2012 and validated
the opposition by the states that the government had exceeded its power
by enacting the measure. “The judgment is affirmed in part and
reversed in part.” National Federation of Independent Businesses et
al. v Sebelius Secretary of Health and Human Services, et al. (2012).
Regardless of whether the law is ruled constitutional or
unconstitutional, there is no likelihood of the entire law being struck.
Political Issues
The political issue that would affect passage of the proposed amendment
is that in January 2011, Representative Eric Cantor (R-Va.) introduced
‘Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act’ (H.R. 2). 
According to this legislation, repealing the PL 111-148 would establish
and restore all its provisions. The bill was passed by the House by a
vote of 245-189 and has been placed in the Senate for consideration. If
the law is repealed, there would be an increase in the “federal
budgetary commitment to health care by about $400 billion over the
2010-1019 periods” (Elmendorf, 2011). This would have a positive
impact on getting the proposed amendment passed with an increase in
expenditure in healthcare.
Social Issues
The social issues that support the proposed amendment is that nurses
play a pivotal role in healthcare and are more specialized to provide
focused care to patients. Nursing education has thus become more
advanced with nurses having Masters, and doctorate degrees which in turn
enhance specialized care to patients, improving the quality of services
in healthcare (Lyder, 2011). The federal government offers aid and
several programs for training or mentoring health professional to
increase the patient care and reduce costs (Shapiro, 2010). Studies
indicate potential savings in healthcare by “from the use of
professionals who are not physicians led to the addition of such federal
programs as aid for physicians` assistants, nurse practitioners, and
team dentistry” (Accemoglu, 2011). As such, the proposed amendment is
good for all Americans who would support the amendment to Congressional
stakeholder to vote for it.
Ethical Issues
The ethical principle that supports passage of the proposed amendment is
Social Responsibility because it is “foundational to how nurses ought
to think and act when recommending significant changes” which impact
“not only the nurses but also the greater society” (ANA, 2003). The
above principle supports the philosophy autonomy and beneficence of
nursing as practise which involves giving care to patients and thereby
affects the greater good of society.
Politicians – The proposed amendment would invite support from
politicians, since nurses are an important aspect of providing
healthcare and by supporting the proposition, they will be able to get
additional votes.
The American Vote – Health care is of primary importance to the
American voter who knows that nurses are essential health care givers.
Political Activists – The issue will be supported by political
activists since they are well aware of how much importance the American
voters give to health care.
Political Lobbyists – With an exclusion of such organizations as AMA,
Political lobbyists will certainly support the amendment since it
relates closely to the improvement in the quality of healthcare.
The proposed amendment would include mentoring program for Nurse
Practitioners. From a social perspective, the amendment is important to
America since it involves enhanced support to nurse education, which in
turn would enhance the quality of health care. Ethically, the proposed
amendment supports the philosophy of nursing as practise which involves
giving care to patients and thereby affects the greater good of
society.. From a political point of view, the proposed amendment would
take a step further in improving the quality of health care professional
nurses by providing benefits for the educational program.
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