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Psychological Studies
It is clear that, psychological studies can be regarded as the mental processes and behaviour of people as applied to various areas of the life of a human. In its primary form, psychology studies a person – who and what they are – it looks into why they act and think the way they do and how someone can improve himself. For instance in law, psychology plays a crucial part, as it gives a better understanding of why people tend to commit crimes and what compels them to do so (Gazzaniga, 2010). Personally, I will be able to understand who I am and look at events on a more positive aspect. Whenever a problem arises, I will be able to handle it better and make better decisions within my life, whether it is the projects I will work, on or will handle my time.
The various websites had useful information on professional resources and memberships, conferences, and networking opportunities. For instance according to Hergenhahn (2005), advances understanding of the discipline by promoting excellence in the teaching and learning of psychology. The Society provides resources and services, access to a collaborative community, and opportunities for professional development. Their publications include journals and newsletters on teaching of psychology (Hub Pages, 2013). “Behavior Analysis promotes basic research, both animal and human, in the experimental analysis of behaviour.” Hergenhahn (2005)
Communications skills, both written and oral are extremely important for all professions and psychologists are no exception as it is critical for them to convey their ideas well. They must be able to listen extremely well and read a person`s facial gestures, mannerisms and other emotional indicators. Effective verbal communication is extremely important, as psychologists spend a lot of their time giving advice to their clients. Psychologists often have to read clinical studies and compose written reports on a regularly basis, so writing skills are essential.
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