Psychological testing for police

Psychological testing for police
Working in the police force is a job that demands lots of energy and emotional involvement due to high job stress. The job requires that individuals who are enrolled in the forces poses competent capacity to handle job stress, as well as stress that comes from other life events. It is imperative to note that police officers are licensed and carry weapons that are meant to reinforce their job of maintain order and law (Weiss, 2010). Therefore, it is imperative that police officers be taken through psychological test before they are given a weapon to protect the citizens. It is clear that potential police officers are required to take psychological tests, which are tailored to ascertain that people who are recruited into the police force have sound command of their emotional and psychological faculties. The incidence of the police officer who killed six people demonstrates a call for help. Law enforcers might be battling with heavy emotional turmoil from disturbing life events.
The news anchor, Joyce, indicated that the officer never went through any psychological testing before he joined the police force. However, these tests have become a requirement for anyone who joins the law enforcement agents. The significance of psychological testing should be emphasized during enrolment, as well as, on a routine basis (Weiss, 2010). This will ensure continued psychological balance in the entire career as one of the senior officers pointed out, someone should have seen that the law enforcer who killed those people needed help with his emotional balance, as well as control long before the shooting happened. It is apparent that hot tempered individuals are not fit for police work. On the same note, senior officers in law enforcement should always extend their concern to the personal life of their junior officers to address all issues that can jeopardize the duty of the officers in enforcing the law, as well as compromise the safety of the public (Weiss, 2010). Therefore, psychological tests are extremely significant to police officers and the tests should be done regularly throughout the entire career.
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