Punishment of sin theodicy

Evil has been there from time immemorial. It was started from the time even before the coming of Jesus. Jesus was one of the people who experienced his temptations that are how shameless the evil is. The evil is associated with Satan. He was one of the angles of God but he went astray (Miller & Jensen 13). He was then given his territory where he will rule and that is hell. Everyone who does bad things going against the Ten Commandments is said to do evil. The bible says that no one is perfect that no one can keep the Ten Commandments without breaking any of it. This does not mean that we should break the Ten Commandments knowingly. We should try as much as we can to keep the Ten Commandments breaking them should be unknowingly (Miller & Jensen 16).
God is powerful
Believers and Christians believe in God. They believe that somehow there is God God who is powerful above anyone or anything that has ever existed. God protects His people by ensuring that they follow the right path always. Evil is not a good thing but God uses it to ensure that His people do not go astray like Satan. The evil is used in form of temptation in order to test their faith and whether it is strong enough (Miller & Jensen 19). For instance, in the Bible he requested Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac He wanted to know how strong his faith was. Abraham passed the test. Those days the people of Israel, we true believers. Most of them would not dare go against the will of God. In the modern days, very few people are willing to do such a noble thing that Abraham was about to do until God gave him a lamb to sacrifice instead of his beloved son. God has His own ways of punishing those who are sinful (Miller & Jensen 21). The Bible says that only he has the power to punish for the sins. It could be the sinners themselves or the next generation. For instance, a woman could abort a child. Abortion is murder. God could decide not to punish the woman who has aborted but to punish their children. The girl she gets afterwards could be barren. In otherwards, God wants us to think about ourselves and the people we care about before committing any sin.
God is good
God is good all the time (Miller & Jensen 23). He does not fail His people even though He is said to be a jealous God. He does not like to be shared or put second in anything whatsoever. He punishes those who put Him in that situation. This does not mean that He is not good. He is good all the time. He rewards those who call upon His help and answers the prayers of those who pray to him. The Bible says that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one the Holy Trinity. Jesus performed several miracles to believers. He gave life to the dead, he healed the sick and died for our sin. No man can be this good. We do not need another proof to know that God is good. For instance, there are few people who are willing to donate one of their organs to their loved ones (Miller & Jensen 25). They claim to love them but when the time comes to truly express that love, they are nowhere to be found. God is a faithful God. He does not let His people down. For such an incident, the believer should just ask for God`s help and chances are that a volunteer who is probably not related to him would be willing to donate the organ. This is how God works He will come when you need Him the most. He will not fail you.
There are three types of answers to our prayers Yes, wait and no. God`s time is the best time He has a reason for doing whatever He does. If He says wait then waiting is the best thing to do just continue believing in Him and He will not a shame you (Miller & Jensen 29). When He says no to a critical situation, it is probably because your time on earth is over. Accepting God`s wishes is the best thing to do because no one can fight God.
Evil Exists
Evil exists even though most of us live as if it does not. It is always within us. That voice always directs us to do the wrong thing. It could be in us or use someone else to get to us (Miller & Jensen 30). The evil is mostly interested in the Believers because they try as much as possible to keep away from the evil. It gets to them by tempting them even though true believers always persevere. It is good to believe in the existence of the evil so that you can work on how to avoid it. Reading the Bible is one of the ways of tackling the evil. The Bible will always guide you on how to handle situations that are clearly been brought up by the evil one. Reading the Bible and acting upon it is the right path to follow (Miller & Jensen 35).
In conclusion, the good and evil coexist in order for God to distinguish true believers and non-believers. True believers will always seek the path of God but non-believers are always on the wrong path the evil path. That is why it is important to read the Bible all the time in order to ensure that we are on the right track following Jesus footsteps.
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