Racism and Bias against Ethnic Group in the Media

It is clear that, the media plays a critical role in the development of any society, as it heavily influences the products or services acquired by the consumers. However, despite these positive gains attained, the issue of racism and bias against ethnic groups in media has remained prevalent, a factor which negatively affects how people perceive one another. The section below will clearly indicate some of the areas where the challenges arising from racism and bias against ethnic group in the media are clearly seen.
To start with, according to the myth of white racism as proposed by William McGowan, fear and hatred of people of color is enormous among white Americans, thus subjecting colored people to abuse and discrimination in media. However, in most instances, the media portrays blacks as uneducated and financially poor individuals influencing black prejudice towards their own race and belittling their communities. For instance, African-Americans and Latinos among other mixed-race people are socially placed below whites.
Secondly, as argued by journalist Lena-Snomeka Gomes, prejudice from employers has resulted to fewer colored people. This arises from the fact that, ethnic individuality of a group is based on the stereotypical character formed and developed through a variety of the bias media. In American society, the dominance of the white race in the media fraternity has led to inequalities in class and race relations.
Thirdly, in the American society, racism and bias against ethnic group in the media has led to the establishment of stereotyped perceptions and stand created by certain ethnic communities. This brings about universal acceptance of the myth`s existence. For instance, in the field of sports, it is arguable that, blacks are seen as physically gifted, but not intellectually and this contrasts their white counterparts. However, this stereotype fails to reflect the true reality on the ground.
From the above, it is clear that, racism and bias against ethnic group in the media has had various negative effects. Therefore, governments and stakeholders should conduct civic education to bring to an end this menace.