Rehabilitation paper Date of submission

Rehabilitation paper
Rehabilitation in prison is done in order to correct the prisoners. The rehabilitation centers were introduced in order to transform the prisoners into better people in the society when they come out of prison (Crow 2009).
History of prison rehabilitation
In the late 19th century during the reign of Jacksonian, the felons were supposed to be put in solitary confinement in order for them to be remorseful for their crimes. During that era, they used the Pennsylvanian system. It advocated for the use of Bible to transform the inmates (Crow 2009). The Bible was read to the felons everyday in order to ensure that they know the right path to follow. The Bible will always guide on the right decision to make in life decisions that you will not regret for the rest of your life.
Community corrections
Community corrections are meant to give alternatives to sentencing of criminals. The correction programs are mostly applied to nonviolent offenders in prison. This helps in reducing the number of criminals being taken to prison for small crimes that do not need to be taken to prison. Community correction takes in non-violent criminals and those who are almost through with their jail term. They teach them how to abstain from their old ways.
Community correction involves two factors probation and parole (Crow 2009). Probation is the release of a prisoner into the community but under the supervision of a probation officer. Parole is the release of a prisoner before the end of their term on certain conditions. They are also under supervision by an officer.
Effects of community correction to the society
The society has both classicalists and positivists classicalists believe that the criminals should be kept away from the society for good so that the society can be safe (Crow 2009). Positivists believe that the criminals did not commit the crimes intentionally and that they can change their behavior. They therefore encourage rehabilitation in the community. After the criminals have been put behind bars, the government should follow up on the victims of the crime. For instance if the criminals were raped, they go through trauma that will take them a while in order to forget. The government should take these victims to rehabilitation in order to get them through that difficult moment of their life (Crow 2009). The government should use the community services in every community in order to ensure that the victims are gotten back into their feet after such crimes. Rehabilitation in prison changes the perception of the society towards the prisoners. The society believes in rehabilitation centers in or outside the prison. They get to welcome the prisoners to the society and give them a chance to start all over again. When the prisoners are out, they need the society to believe in them everybody is entitled to parole. The society should give them a chance to prove themselves that the prison rehabilitation has changed them into better people in the society (Crow 2009). Some do change but some do not all can only be proven by the society giving them a chance. If the correction system did not do much of a change, they deserve to be taken back to prison.
Effectiveness of community correction in correction system
Most of the felons just need people to guide them and show them the right way. The non-violent criminals especially can be taught how to abstain from their crimes when they get out of prison (Crow 2009). Abstain from drugs and other crimes are easy when they go through therapy that is provided in the correction systems. The criminals are therefore, released on parole or probation to prove their promise to the system change for the better.
Prison system of other countries
Most of the countries do not believe in community correction. They believe that the years granted to them by the court will change them. The community correction will not do them any good (Crow 2009). They therefore invest so much in imprisonment for instance Ireland invested so much in imprisonment, which really brought down their economy The prisoners number was very high, even for small crimes that could have been handled in the community level.
Other nations view of imprisonment
Other countries like Ireland view imprisonment as the best way to ensure that justice is served (Crow 2009). They took even small crimes to court after which the offenders would be taken to prison.
Impact of U.S adopting another prison system
U.S believes in second chances (Crow 2009). Adopting another country`s prison system may force the country to do away with community correction system, which has really helped many criminals in the society into becoming better people.
The correction system should ask the government to spare some funds for the released prisoners so that they can easily get to their feet when they are out. These prisoners may not have a supportive family that is willing to take them in after the release (Crow 2009). The government would help them start afresh and therefore minimizing the chances of them going back to their old ways.
In conclusion, the prisoners can change. They only need people to believe in them. Taking them to rehabilitation makes them better people in the society the government should be in the first line to show the society that the prisoners can change and be useful to the society.
Crow, I. (2009). The treatment and rehabilitation of offenders. London [u.a.: SAGE.