Rhetorical analysis- Marvell Noir by Andrew Marvell

Rhetorical strategies refer to those strategies used by authors and in this case the persona to convince the audience. Marvell Noir showcases the use of several rhetorical strategies. The first one is ethos and it is refers to the authority of the author. This is evidenced in the poem by the extensive experiences of the author in writing poetry. Andrew Marvell was a renowned poet and his works have remained major literary hallmarks.
Pathos refers to the extent to which the persona appealed to the audience`s emotions. The poet presents a romantic scenario and therefore greatly appeals to the emotions of the audience. Lines such as “sweetheart, if we had the time, a week in bed would be no crime” highly appeal to people`s feelings.
Logos refers to persuasion using reasoning. The persona uses this strategy because throughout the poem, he presents a futuristic perspective as to what might have happened if he and the lady were to get together. The progression from one aspect to another is presented using reasoning. For example, he stated “and you`ll get twenty-five to life. You`ll have time then, more than enough. To reminisce about the stuff”. These lines presents a logical argument in that they allude to ageing as time goes by and what might happen in the years to come.
The persona carefully selects the diction in order to attain the intended effect. The persona has selected diction that is precise and appropriate. The poem presents an account of events that cannot be perceived as ordinary and as a result, he also uses words that enable him to attain this effect. “shiatsu” for instance stands in place of the common word “massage” and “stubble” in place of the common “moustache”. The poet presents a largely informal scenario in which he uses language in a relaxed manner.
Connotation is used in the poem to enhance its informal aura. The persona states “he set you up you had to eat, and bitter with the bittersweet was what they dished you Ginger lied”. This refers to the experiences the lady may have gone through with other men and not the explicit meaning. The poem has a suggestive tone because to some extent, he seems to be trying to influence a woman to accept to be with him. The suggestive nature of the poem brings with it other tones such as pleasant, cheerful, romantic and passionate tones.
The speaker of the poem presents a stance that appeals to the audience`s feelings. The speaker utilizes language that appeals to the audience and influences their perception about him because at the end of the poem, there is an aspect of familiarity with the speaker. The audience understands how he thinks and what he feels. Meter is also used to stress certain syllables and this can be deduced by reading the poem out loud. Some syllables would be stressed more than others as is customary in the English language.
The poet chose to use one stanza for the whole poem and the use of line remains an overt structural aspect of the poem. The consolidation of the poem into one stanza assists in achieving its objective in creating a holistic futuristic picture of the persona`s aspirations. The poem is also narrative because though futuristic, it tells a story of what might happen in future. The poet also chose to use punctuations such as commas, full stops, colons, semicolons, question marks and exclamation marks. These direct an element such as pause and lead to better achievement of the intended effects. The persona also uses description because he largely describes what things might be like in future. The cause-effect relationship is also deductible in several parts of the poem one of them being the line “Tears? Please! You`ll dilute our highballs”. A similar example is seen in the lines that reflect ageing as a result of passage of years.
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