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Question 1
According to the poem by Donne “song”, there is a significant similarity between the falling star and the mandrake, especially as presented at the end of the poem. The poet states that just as it is hard to get a falling star and the rare herbal mandrake root, so is it hard to find a perfect woman. The boy who sets out in search of a perfect woman with fantasies of mermaids is made to understand that no matter the effort, there will always be some degree of imperfection.
Question 2 A:
In Donne`s poem, “the flea” the poet presents a flea as a symbol of love based on its role in bringing people together through a blood bond. Upon sucking both individuals, the flea creates physical and bodily connection that signifies the strong love existing between two people. By mixing the blood, the flea brings the people together in an unbroken bond.
Question2: B
The flea is however metaphysically conceit since it`s insignificant in the actual bond. As the poet puts it, parents disagree to bring people together, and in the same case, the flea co-join two people, without the slightest idea of its actions. It`s therefore vaguely featured in love affairs as it represents an arrogant intervention into people`s affairs, while pursuing its selfish interests.
From the two poems, “to the virgins to make much of time” and “to his coy mistress”, the two lines hold similar thematic representations. The two emphasize on maximizing every opportunity available, and especially when at abundance, because though the future may not be demanding, it will also not be appealing. By taking advantage of opportunities at their prime, then humans don`t have to worry about the undemanding future, because the present will have been efficiently utilized.
Question 4: A
In the poem “to Mrs Mar Awbey at parting” the main idea of the poet is to create an expression of eternal union through unbreakable love. The poet combines romance with religion to bring out eternity of love.
Question 4: B
Katherine is considered a pioneer as an artist for bringing a unique genre in poetry, that of combining two different themes and backgrounds. She started combining religious themes into her poems to emphasize on the intended messages.
Question 5: A
Charles 1 was deposed and beheaded because of engaging in treason, after attempting to forge an alliance with Scotland, and engaging religious leaders into regular conflicts and oppositions.
Question 5: B
James II of England was deposed during glorious deposition for suspending the Test Acts and prosecution of religious leaders including seven bishops for filing a petition against the crown. Cruel punishments and establishing a standing army were also included in the revolution agenda.
Question 6
In Aleopagitica, Satan`s rationale for presenting deceitful ideas to Eve and Eve`s decision to lead and succumb can be influenced by the freedom of expression and freedom to act without censorship. Satan was justified to present his ideas to Eve, and similarly, Eve was justified to act on her personal consent.
Question 7
Satire is a linguistic concept that exalts negative social and political actions and vices in order to rebuke those supporting their existence. Irony is an existing contrast between what is practiced or said, from what is in-deep put into practice: similar to preaching water and drinking wine.
Question 7: B
Swift talks of “teaching landlords to have at least one degree of mercy towards their tenants”
Question 7: C
This statement is ironical in that Swift understands that the rich are expecting the poor to sell their children in order to get food, and hence there is no way the landlord (the rich) would have mercy for the poor (tenants).
Question 8:
In the epic poem paradise lost, the author tries to compare and contrast the awesomeness and the mystery in the shapes and sizes of the characters. The comparison goes beyond the normal explanations to dimensional analysis with imaginary and known objects.
Question 9
Mock epics are satirical analysis of common stereotyped heroes or events.
Question 9: B
From lines 125 to 178, there are actual satirical representations of figures and issues already considered as heroic, but which are not in the actual sense. The tussle between the baron, the shylock and the activities occurring as the queen gets the bag of sorrows are satirically developed to eliminate stereotyping in a normal event.
Question 10: A
The type of sonnet in when I consider how my light is spent is an Italian sonnet
Question 10: B
The Italian sonnet is subdivided into two sections, the octaves and sestet. Sestes are flexible unlike the octaves, which are rhymes (Miller, 2013).
Question 10: C
Milton sites that it`s usually tricky to convert Italian sonnets to English, since English sonnets are very poor in terms of rhymes
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