Similarities between Pandora and Eve

According to Greek legends, Pandora is said to be the very first woman on earth (Coleman 1). Hephaestus created her by blending water and soil and then added human kind voice and vigor and fashioned her like a goddess. On the other hand, the Bible terms Eve as the first woman to be created by God to be Adam`s companion. Eve was created from Adam`s rib and was named woman to signify that she resulted from the man (Adam). God created both Adam as well as Eve in his likeness, and then placed them in the beautiful Garden of Eden (Coleman 1). The section below will candidly look at the similarities between Pandora and Eve.
There are many similarities between the Bible`s Eve and Pandora. First, Creation of both Pandora and eve is parallel: Pandora was created by Hephaestus by blending soil and water and putting breath into her. Similarly, Eve was created by God using Adam`s rib whom God had also molded using clay (Marshall Cavendish Corporation 58). Second, both descriptions term Pandora and Eve as the very first women in the earth and were both created for a particular reason. Just as Pandora was created as a gift for Epimetheus, Eve was similarly created by God as a helper as well as a companion to Adam. Pandora was intentionally created under Zeus orders to be a deceiving trap to chastise human kind and Prometheus because they had disobeyed Zeus. Even though Eve was not created to be a trap to Adam, she was created to be his companion.
The other similarity is that both Pandora and Eve refused to comply with God`s orders. Pandora and Eve`s insubordination destroyed their lives. Curiosity pushed Pandora to uncap the jar and as a result, all the misfortunes and wickedness enclosed in it were discharged to the earth. She attempted to cap it but to no avail. Similarly, Eve was lured by Satan through the serpent and told her that if she and Adam ate the fruit that God had forbidden them they would not die but would instead acquire God`s knowledge. Eve ate the fruit and persuaded Adam to do the same and consequently, their eyes opened and they acquired the understanding of good and wickedness which God never intended them to have. As a result, God cursed the serpent and chastised Eve and Adam for their insubordination (Britton 1). These two women were both to blame for letting loose of bleak concerns and transgression to the human race. Pandora uncapped the box that discharged bleak concerns and adversities on earth and which were previously nonexistent. Similarly, after being tempted by the serpent, Eve ate the forbidden fruit and also gave it to Adam and this brought about sin to the human kind which detached God from the human race (Coleman 1).
Another similarity is that in both descriptions, both Pandora and Eve were bequeathed with similar loveliness and allure (Marshall Cavendish Corporation 58). Pandora was adorned with various pleasant attributes by the gods who approved of her. She was given melodious endowment, beauty, and the ability to influence. Similarly, God presented Eve with several qualities including astuteness, loveliness, love, tenderness, and kindheartedness (Britton 1).
From the above it is clear that, women have been viewed as the ruin to human kind and it is because of them that disgrace, transgression, harm, torment and deceitfulness came to the world. This is because, dishonesty, covetousness, and conceit are all damages that were presumably plagued by Pandora and Eve (the first women). Both Pandora and Eve will forever be recalled as the ones answerable for bringing ruin to mankind (Phipps 108).
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