Texting and driving

Texting while driving is illegal. It is extremely dangerous not just for
the individual who is texting and driving, but for the other drivers on
the highway. If an individual is texting and driving, they are more
focused to their telephone than the safety of the other drivers on the
highway. I don’t think a lot of people comprehend the danger they are
taking while they text and drive. You must not text when driving since
it is distracting and very unsafe. If you choose to text while driving,
you are actually putting your life in danger, and you might as well put
somebody else’s life in danger. A lot of people disregard these
obvious dangers, therefore, laws were made to protect citizens from
mishaps that happen from drivers who text (Boehme, 2010).
First, you must not text while driving, since it is distracting and
makes the driver not focus on to the road. When a driver gazes away from
the highway to send or read a text, lots of things may go erroneous and
cause a mishap. While texting, you are gazing at your telephone and not
looking at the road. Driving a car needs a lot of attention, and good
drivers always pay cautious concentration to everything surrounding
her/him while driving. A fast moving vehicle may be very unsafe if it is
not correctly used and a driver may easily and quickly loose control
over the motor vehicle. A driver may pass through a stop sign or run a
red light easily and cause injury or damage if unfocused by a text
(Ogden, 1996).
Texting while driving is as dangerous as driving while drunk. That is
the reason why, not only must you not text while driving, but you must
also not drive with anybody who does text and drive. You endanger your
life while texting and driving, as well as the lives of other people.
Drivers should take extra care while the road conditions are dangerous.
It is imperative for citizens to understand the dangers and risks
connected with texting and driving, particularly while the roads are
hazardous due to the weather conditions.
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