The I am just a Girl/ I`m still a guy debate

Professor Shaw
It is amazing to see how we, as a society unwittingly display our natural and innate characteristics and traits as we interact with one another. Of course the society has both male and female members and contemporary standards of living have become sensitive to gender issues with the aim of achieving equality. Mass media and the music industry in particular is one area where gender disparities are minimal in terms of production of songs.
Therefore, through music, a lot of messages on all aspects of life have been passed to music lovers and the general audience. Lyrics have a more theatrical touch and they are very captivating. Yet even in the realms of music and mass media, masculine and feminine traits are displayed by the artists deliberately or unconsciously. Of great interest are expectations of the society as far as male and female persons are concerned. Males are expected to be strong in all situations they encounter in life, spend time looking for money and wealth, and strive to live a modest life. On the other hand, their female counterparts are attractive, affectionate, caring, supportive, loving and generally taking up roles that are less strenuous but love is the greatest of all. Occasionally, each gender takes up some roles and duties dominated by the opposite gender, not to engage in conflicts, but to foster equality and avoid discrimination against each other.
However, this does not diffuse the egos and expectations associated with the genders. The males still end up displaying their masculine traits and so do their female counterparts. The song lyrics that we have studied have not escaped this issue. Brad in one of the lyrics says “you`re probably thinking that you are going to change me. In some ways yes, well maybe you might, scrub me down, dress me up but no matter what, remember, I`m still a guy (Brad Paisley – I`m still a guy 8-14). Paisley admittedly points out that love is strong enough to make a man do things against his expectations (Brad Paisley – I`m still a guy 20-26). This and all the other song lyrics by male artists display masculinity traits in them. The traits come out spontaneously in the lyrics and are not designed to outweigh or bring competition against feminism. Drake in his lyric Success talks about money as a measure of success and turns in to indicate that love has had a place too in his endeavors (Success 88-89). In any case, women may look weak and soft in their physical nature but they are endowed with the power of love and affection that overcomes the physical strength and aggression of men. Women are natural springs of love and they are expected to give it out to the world. This does not prevent women from taking up roles dominated by men but nature dictates what happens next. On that note, P!nk asks and then answers this question, “what happened to the dreams of a girl president? She`s dancing in the video next to 50 cent” (P!nk – Stupid girls 12-15). This shows that the presidency is mainly in the boys with girls easily abandoning their dreams or ambitions and succumbing to relatively easy roles. This is not stupid but it is the innate nature of the girl that puts her in that position and fighting nature is a futile activity.
But for those know that they naturally have the gift of love which can bring down the strongest of men, love flows from their actions without limits. It is natural for a woman at whatever level of society to be lovely, express love and be affectionate. Beyonce says “my persuasion can build a nation, endless power, with our love we can devour. You`ll do anything for me, who run the world? Girls”, (Beyonce – Run the world (Girls) 31-36). Beyonce knows that girls are running the world through the power of love. After giving some love rules Marina and the Diamonds in How to be a Heartbreaker warns “we don`t want our hearts to break in two, so it`s better to be fake Can`t risk losing in love again babe”(45-50).
Consequently, in mass media and the music industry, it comes out naturally that women display love in their lyrics because it is a natural thing and it is strength and power for them whereas men will talk tough displaying masculinity in their lyrics because it is nature`s gift for them too. The strength of men is weakened or checked by love while the weakness of women is strengthened by love. Love is boundless and traverses both gender. The natural display of the traits cannot be muzzled up and a fight against these expectations is futile because one is a compliment of the other. We cannot win a fight against the power of nature but we should embrace its qualities and allow it to take its course. This is what the artists in their song lyrics and the music community as a whole are unwittingly displaying in mass media.