The Reputation of the Nursing Profession

In the contemporary world, health care is a thing that is important to many people and everyone would give anything to take care of their health. The instances when one gets sick are so critical and require a qualified nurse to take care of the person. Nurses are therefore very important as they dedicate their lives to save other lives and ensure people are healthy. Many people however take nurses for granted and do not appreciate them. This could be out of arrogance or maybe it is because of how they view the nursing profession. Different people perceive nurses in different ways. Some of them see them as very important and greatly appreciate them while others despise probably due to their own reasons or experiences.
It is sad to know that a lot of people do not value nurses nor give them the respect that they deserve. Many people only have bad things to say about nurses all over the world. They say that they are cruel, despicable and do not have or show any compassion towards their patients (Whyte, 2011). These things could however be true about them. Being the core of the health care system, it is disturbing that nurses have a bad image and most of them care less about that. Nurses are supposed to portray a loving, caring and kind picture to the public. Research shows that nurses are one of the most trusted people, and even strangers easily confide in them. However as time goes by, slowly nurses are being despised and rejected by a lot of people. Their competence is also being questioned. In this paper, I will discuss the review of the literature according to…
During research, a group of people were asked to describe nursing care they received when they were ill or a member of family was ill. Many of them said that nurses were cruel to them and did not attend to them as expected. They kept on ignoring the sick who were crying out of pain or for help. They say that many times, they needed help to go to the toilet or to feed but the nurses did not seem to care much (Whyte 2011). There is however some nurses that do their jobs well and show interest in helping out their patients. The general assumption of nurses being spiteful affects them and whenever they speak out about nurses performing poorly they are not heard. It is said that after being in an environment where there are a lot of people are crying out of pain, one easily gets used to the sound of pain and it gets easier to ignore the people suffering.
Due to this arrogance revealed by nurses all over the world, health care centers are deteriorating and the maintenance is getting worse by the day (Whyte, 2011 Salsali et al 2012). The hygiene in hospitals are no longer as good as expected which is dangerous as not healthy because it increases the chances of infection. The patients are times given the wrong prescription which may lead more complications or even death. The wards get crowded due to poor management. Poor nursing image really affects the public and results to a lot of people not trusting nurses that nurses can take care of them appropriately. All over the world, most health organizations are putting in [place and implementing strategies that can improve the nursing image.
Apart from their brutality and inability to perform their duties properly, there are other factors that give people bad impressions of nurses. The media plays a major role in this. It is undeniably true that the media expose nurses in a very poor manner and that provide a negative stereotype that drives people towards despising nurses even more. If only the media could show public the better side of nurses, then nurses could earn a lot of respect from the public and their confidence could as well increase (Cheema, 2012 Salsali et al 2012). Nurses want to be seen as professional, competent and strong. Moreover, nurses do not possess good communication skills and do not know how to come out and speak for themselves. They never share their knowledge, abilities, expertise and so on. These only shows that nursing is a weak profession since without public communication, it is hard to get recognized, respected and even rewarded.
Another major factor that gives people the wrong notion about nurses is their dressing style. Nurses are supposed to dress in a manner that will show neatness, sanitation and servitude. Although the appearance and dressing of nurses impress the public, it may not be considered professional. Many people relate their dressing style to being sexy and hence, nurses are generally treated as a joke (Salsali et al. 2012). Evidently view nursing as a female profession. This is because of the requirements needed for one to be a nurse professionally. Nurses are required to show a high level compassion and should know how to care for others. Most men do not know how to express themselves in that manner. In a society where gender equality is valued, this perception is not good and it undermines the nursing profession.
Poor nursing image affects the nurses badly but they do not seem to notice. Due to negative comments about nurses all over the world, many people do not want to pursue it. This leads to shortages of qualified nurses. Students get the negative comments about nurse and they definitely do not want to be a part of that field (Cheema 2012). Nurses also get paid poorly despite all the work they do since people look down on them. Their job performances also diminish and they get worse day by day. These are the reasons as to why the poor nursing image should be rectified as soon as possible. Nursing is not just any other job, but it is a profession that should be taken seriously.
Nursing is a field that one should engage in when he/she is sure that he is competent enough to perform well and satisfy the patients. Nurses should not only own the specific skills and knowledge to do the job, but they should be able and ready to endure all shortcomings that they encounter. Competence is a major requirement in the field. However, there are situations where nurses become more and more competent with time and experience (Sportsman, 2010). Competence should be seen while educating and licensing the nurses, and also while doing their work. So as to improve the performance in the field of nursing, researchers introduced the use of Standardized Patients, who provided the health professionals and trainees an environment to apply new skills. Even though this arrangement costs a lot, it helps a lot in nursing research and education which is an advantage since nurses don`t communicate often (Bolstad et al 2012).
Clearly, nurses have a major problem with their public image and this is caused by a lot of things that could be rectified. Having a poor image really affects them and the patients in a lot of ways and if not taken care off, it could get worse. Nurses should try their best to regain the trust and confidence of the public by working hard and ding their jobs in the correct manner without showing any sign of arrogance and irresponsibility.
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